Brooklyn, NY native DJ Schemes might be one the best DJ you don’t know…yet. Schemes relocated to the DMV after college, and has been a staple in the nightlife scene for years. Now looking to expand his brand, you might see Schemes pop up during CIAA Weekend in Charlotte, or your favorite HBCU Homecoming. Soon after that, international events, All Star Weekends, and Superbowl parties will follow. Schemes is an official member of the Core DJ’s, You can peep his podcast, ThatsLaw, or his popular clothing line, Schemey.

DJ Schemes 2017 Mix

Check out an excerpt from DJ Schemes bio below:

Music starts from within ones heart. It doesn’t move everyone the same way. Not everyone has a passion for music that so intensely consumes their entire life. Growing up in a traditionally Jamaican household in the 90’s, in Brooklyn, NY is definitely an easy way to be consumed by music. Graffiti stained brick engulfed a city filled with emotion. Music served as an outletfor expression. Whether it was love or anger, pride or discouragement there was a song to soothe the masses. Pride in culture was another driving force behind DJ Schemes musical knowledge. Immigrants brought with them food, customs, religion and music from their homeland. When those immigrants shared pieces of themselves with each other it provided a melting pot – rich with sound so heavy it evoked movement. This movement linked strangers with different cultures and made them threads of a beautiful tapestry. Music weaved them together tightly.

Influenced by some of the greats such as Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z, as well as several reggae legends, DJ Schemes started dabbling with mixing and spinning Hip Hop and Reggae melodies and beats early in his life. He fondly recalls going to downtown Brooklyn to buy the latest records from Beat Street records to practice his skills.

DJ Schemes in Video


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