The NBA still has not decided which city will host the 2019 NBA All Star Game, but North Carolina took strides to improve their chances last week. A deal was reached by state lawmakers to repeal the controversial HB2 Law,which paved the way for the Queen City.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke to the press Friday, and noted that Charlotte was eligible, but not guaranteed, a chance to host the coveted weekend.

Charlotte All Star Game 2019

“This is not an easy decision,” Silver said. “When Charlotte resubmits its application, we will need to ensure our events can proceed with open access and anti-discrimination policies, and that we can extend those policies to the venues, hotels and businesses that we would work with during All-Star.”

The NBA is expected to decide on the host city for 2019 before the playoffs conclude, as well as potentially announcing the site for the 2020 game. Cities expected to be in contention aside from Charlotte for the 2019 All Star Game include Orlando, Indianapolis, and Houston. H-Town could run into similar issues as Charlotte, as the Texas Senate Bill 6 a.k.a SB6 has similarities to HB2.

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