NBA All Star Weekend is still a month away, however it’s never too early to start packing. Thousands of partygoers will hit the French Quarter of New Orleans between February 16th and 19th, 2017, the same weekend as Mardi Gras. The exciting combination of two major annual events will make New Orleans the center of the party universe.

To survive the fun, take a look at our party packing weekend checklist.

Bring The Basics

Most of us tend to overpack when going on vacation. NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans could tempt you to do the same. Bring the essentials with you, as everything costs much more in the French Quarter. You might need to check a bag if you are flying in that weekend, but the checked bag fee will likely cost less than buying all the liquids you need.

Pack For The Weather

New Orleans in mid-February is not exactly hot. The nights will be chilly, so make sure you plan accordingly. While you shouldn’t expect snow, a rainy weekend in New Orleans isn’t out of the question. New Orleans gets nearly 64 inches of a rain a year, so at some point during All Star Weekend you will get wet.

Uber or Lyft Everywhere

In case you and your crew venture somewhere that isn’t walking distance during All Star Weekend, do yourself a favor and grab an Uber or Lyft. Not only will drivers be all around 24/7 during the weekend, it will be much cheaper and less hassle than parking your car. The traffic will be mind numbing at times, which is why you don’t want to worry about navigating it.

Go to the ATM BEFORE you get to New Orleans

Most of the hotels and establishments in the French Quarter will have ATM’s on-site, however they tend to run out of money, and even if they don’t, the surcharges are ridiculous.

Buy tickets to parties before you get there

There are a number of events during NBA All-Star Weekend that have early bird ticket options available. It’s best to purchase now, not only to save yourself money, but also to better plan your weekend.

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