HB2 Repeal Vote falls apart in North Carolina

The chances of Charlotte, North Carolina hosting the 2019 NBA All Star Weekend went away late Wednesday night, as the state’s officials could not come to terms on a deal to repeal House Bill 2. The “bathroom bill” limits protections for gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender people, and is most famously known for making transgender people use the bathroom of the gender they were born. While the Democrats and Republicans fight, the NBA reassured ESPN and other media outlets their stance hasn’t changed. If the HB2 law is in effect, the All Star Game won’t be there.

The 2019 NBA All Star Game has yet to be awarded to a city, although Cleveland appears to be the new frontrunner to land the prized weekend. Detroit is also positioning themselves to host the game, with Sacramento being the least likely of those campaigning.

We could find out the which city gets the game as early as February, when the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend goes down in New Orleans. Make sure you check out our events page, as ThePartyPlug.com will cover all the events in the Big Easy.

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