How To Beat A Hangover

How to beat a hangover

We’ve all been there. While we live for the nights we can’t remember, with the people we won’t forget, we end up waking up reaching for the sunglasses and advil, because last night was mad real. We want to share some basics about hangovers for the novice drinkers as well as the vets, and five simple ways to beat them.

What is a Hangover anyway?

A hangover happens when your body intakes alcohol, which in turn acts as a diuretic. That in turn makes you piss more, which combined with the lack of water replacement sets you up for a very long morning after. Not everyone is effected the same way by drinking, so keep that in mind during Memorial Day Weekend when you are playing a shots game at the pool.

Symptoms of a hangover include muscle ache, fatigue, sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, or sweating. If you end up experiencing a hangover, remember to do these five things ASAP.

Drink PLENTY of water before you go to bed.

You might wake up in the middle of the night having to pee a few times, but that’s better than feeling like death and missing the day party, right? You should drink 1 cup of water for however many drinks/shots you had that night. If you lost count of how many drinks you had, chug down a liter of water, much like the one pictured here:
hangover cure

DO NOT take Tylenol.

If you have an excessive amount of alcohol in your system, taking Tylenol, whose primary ingredient is Acetaminophen, can be a recipe for disaster. Opt for Ibprofen, generic or name brand. This bottle below can be purchased for less than $5.00 and can save the day.
Hangover cure

Eat before AND after you drink.

Drinking on an empty stomach will not only keep you feeling bad longer, it also will prevent you from getting sleep you need. Eating even a small meal after drinking can help absorb the liquor, and speed up the recovery process.


Depending on the occasion, sleeping is usually the last thing you are thinking about. After heavy drinking, the need to rest is necessary, and even a two hour power nap in the afternoon can do wonders for you to get through the night.

Know your limits.

A major event weekend isn’t the time to try to set a personal drinking record. If you are a lightweight, stay in your lane. If you don’t really drink or go out at all, take it slow and ease into the party. Drink water in between drinks, and if you take a shot, remember that is gonna catch up to you. Don’t mix clear liquor and dark liquor. That is a great way to end your day/night early. If all else fails, try Never Too Hungover. You can grab it at GNC, and it recommended you take before you drink to avoid hangovers. Check out more about Never Too Hungover below:

HOW IT WORKS: In addition to dehydration, a primary cause of hangovers is the result of a toxin called acetaldehyde. Never Too Hungover helps neutralize this toxin and supports the body to defuse it, therefore helping reduce the effects of a hangover. Never Too Hungover also re-hydrates the body and restores vital nutrients, so it provides benefits even if you’re not trying to help prevent a hangover!

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